Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Departure of Conquerors

                                   ... NIJ 2015 graduation

Like warlords after a serious fight, let us clang our swords and sing in victory. Let us also appreciate all the comrades. It is indeed a 3 year academic struggle. No hero fell, except those who withdrew when they could not bear the fierceness of the battle any further.

Some Of The Grandaunts

Without perambulation, kudos to Rasheedat who would go any errand without complaining, not because she is small in stature but because she is a giant in the mind. And Helen my Deputy whose tongue is frisky and would have been a waste of talent if she had not come into journalism.

Buki my confidant, whose presence most of the time brings solution. I will never forget Ayoade Ahmed's humbleness though at times naughty, but no one can take brilliance away from him. Even Bhero and Sivowaku. The three of them are like triplet who for sure have not wasted their money in school, they knew what they came for and they got it.

Arinola 'The Convert' who suddenly bridled her attitude in the amalgamated class and became such a fine gentle fellow.

Tunji 'The Bat' whose attitude is absolutely awkward--just like a bat would hang upside-down and prefer to fly at night. Tunji thinks out of this world, he reads when people are snoring at night and disturbs the readers in the day. Rejoice, in whom I have some affinity, maybe in terms of fashion.

Grace Atukpa whose brain is better that some people's eyes, if she could see, definitely we won't know her, for her brain is like a 3,000gigs memory card.

I changed my perception about short people when I came in contact with Mabel for her smartness. Grace Okosun whose sweet voice is needed in Mobile Network Customer Care and her friends Dami and Blessing are such easy-going people.

Glory the poet is another good friend in whose eyes you will see determination and I so much reckon with Rita who endured my boredom and yet would not stop loving me.

Hope is my phonetic teacher and she has some qualities of a good partner. Timilehin simply defines African beauty. Taofeek who if those who detest tribal marks may change their minds if they see how beautifully the cicatrises lay on his fair cheeks and his friend, Nureni, the most gentle.

Tolu, a journalist, a lawyer and a blogger. No doubt he would shake the future except that he is becoming a lady's guy. Julius attitude is controlled by mood, he expresses simplicity while both Kickers and Ryder would be pronounced on Amaka's makeup in resounding red colour.

If all class is like Abike, no lecturer would have time to teach, for her questions come ceaselessly but no one would not envy her sophistication and her carriage. Maureen would never bother the absence of lecturers as long as her laptop could show film.

Tomi, the first TV super star in the midst, her eyebrows make her look like a beautiful roe. Dami knows how to maintain decorum in a group meeting assignment but at the tail of the meeting she would say "gov, can we go?"

If Bosola were my sister, I would have given her to the highest bidder, for her beauty is irresistible. Ajiferuke's trousers are amazing, they never torch his ankles. Though younger, I respect him most for he would give you your respect too. He likes elegance and big-boyishness but his goatee is still growing.

I think Japheth must have long time overcame anger and Alimat would have been a perfect wife for him. The latter too knows how to sheath anger. One have to strain his ears when Sivelster is making contributing in class, at times you maybe deceived if he could actually toast a lady.

Dominic another clown whose questions sometimes are faster than school syllabus. Valentine, the class parrot, who never tired of talking. Tosin is jovial and her son seems more popular than she is. Tunmishe, is brilliant and charming, she knows how to embrace as she skilfully disappears inside a wrap of masculine arms.

Akinyemi most of the times go for a deliberate silence like a school boy who mistakenly impregnated a girl at his first attempt. Sandra is calm and she is ready to knee just please a friend. Olaitan is cheerful, that one may want to doubt her seriousness and Bunmi, Folake, Funmi and Chinello are good fighters who clung with education even when they were pregnant.

Ayemo if words are spoken with recharge card she would still be using the one she loaded in ND1 and she dread carryover more than earthquake.

Prince is a philanthropist but not without scrutinizing where his money goes. Doyle, the unpredictable and Bode the powerful one cannot easily forget.

Mrs. Zimzu, Mr. Seyi, Big Tony—my padi, Madam Rosemary, Kens, Mrs. Raheems, Madam Clementina. These are the elders amidst but they have pocketed their egos and rejuvenated their minds with academic ointment.  Though Mrs Raheems might not talk when making a decision but she wouldn't keep silent when it does not work out. They all command respect.

Opeyemi and Nuru joined us lately, but they are such a perfect gentle fine fellows. Chinelo and Funmi's sons must be giving their own certificates. these lads' contributions in class cannot be underestimated, though come in torrent of cry to distract the class.

For the candles you've all burnt at nights, the Saturday parties you've let go just to secure a viable future for yourselves, I have no doubt if you I'll not stop fighting that you're all close to the promise land.

Here, my heart is full of emotion, like a child whose mother is traveling.
Some would miss my 'Hocus-pocus', 'Peruse' and many loads of vocabularies with my incessant announcements. I will definitely miss you all for your support. You are all gladiators—academics conquerors.

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